Where thinking is doing, imagining is becoming


future: that potentiality which makes us aware of the creative possibilities of the present

s: a knot; the link between individual and society

evocative: calling forth; perhaps the siren’s song or the hope we dare not speak


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Finland and Sweden on the Horizon

Much of June I am overseas. I will visit the Futures Infinite conference in Hinland June 11-12 and give a paper on Toilet Futures. I like this exotic topic and it should be fun. Then I am working with friends in Sweden on a Summer Seminar June 23-25 where we explore social renewal and entrepreneurship in an Open Space environment.


I am MCing the Gurukula Webinar Series!

I am MCing this series which began in December 2013. Times for sessions vary as presenters are from all over the world. The series explores various aspects of Neohumanism in action. For details please visit Gurukula Webinar Series

Marcus Bussey has been Awarded a Taiwan Fellowship for 2014.

This award will enable Marcus to work with colleagues Professor Kuo-Hua Chen and Dr Meimei Song of Tamkang University and Professor Shang-Hsien Hsieh of the National Taiwan University on developing futures thinking in undergraduate engineering students.  This is a year long project that will explore the role of engineering in Taiwan's future. The goal is to move student thinking from the static (engineers fix things) to a fluid process orientation (engineers engage with the world) that opens up the practice of engineering to reflection and a deeper awareness of the role and possibilities of engineering in a post-indistrial world.


Grant to create eBook on Dragon Kiln in Singapore

I am working with a team of enthusiastic cultural creatives in Singapore in this instance lead by Carolyn Lim and Julianti Tan of Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle on creating a book that charts the journey of the dragon kiln from early years in Singapore until today when it caters to the growing artistic and ceramic citizens of Singapore. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage has funded the work which should result by the end of 2014 (we hope) in the appearance of an interactive and visually rich eBook. Here is the inspiring dragon kiln:

To stay up to date on the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln please friend us on Face book at Thow Kwang

Stay tuned for more!





Why study the Future?

We study the future because assumptions about the future have effects in the present. Or to put it another way: our assumptions about the future inform our decisions and actions today. Just as the past no longer exists but has effects in the present so the future, which is in no way tangible, works in the present through our own beliefs, values and expectations. Futures work is an attempt to become contextually aware of the world around us and of our relationship with the 'reality' out there.

See my Six Futures Premises

See my Spiritual Pragmatics



Marcus with many of his friends from around the world has a chapter in a exciting book being released at Rio +20 (http://www.uncsd2012.org/).

For more on this important book please visit:

Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change




New Book!

My first book of poetry available from Amazon and also via iTunes and Kindle

For information: Clare and Francis flyer






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What is Futures Thinking?




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