Where thinking is doing, imagining is becoming


future: that potentiality which makes us aware of the creative possibilities of the present

s: a knot; the link between individual and society

evocative: calling forth; perhaps the siren’s song or the hope we dare not speak


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Body Wisdom is a key element of my futures work

My InterPlay Weekend

The future is alive and well in us all today! Just as we are products of the past so we - through our choices, values, actions and assumptions - bring the future into being. We are currently on the brink of major shifts in how we as a species and as members of a planet understand ourselves. More and more people a becoming reflective agents with a futures consciousness. Futures thinking is one example of how this awakening to ourselves is being expressed socially and institutionally. Life means growth and that means learning. The best part of futures thinking for me is that which focuses on learning to be connected. Much of this website is about that learning.

Here is a recent paper on how concepts have effects in the world and in how we do things. I hope you enjoy it.

Concepts and Effects

A Futures Critique of Education

Education is something we should all be passionate about! Not because it will help us build bright futures in the capitalist culture we inhabit today but because it has the potential to challenge the values that strip learning back to information management and life back to self gratification and passive consumption.

Futures thinking and practice within education brings alternative visions into the classroom and university. It enables students and teachers alike to exerience the power of possibility: what we can do when creatively and critically engaged in developing thinking and practice around alternatives. Importantly futurews thinking allows us to step back, distance ourselves from the present context and slow down, take a breath and see the world and our connections to it as a rich tapestry of possibility.

In this chapter I map out a way of thinking about education beyond crisis management and the educ-anxiety it causes.

When No Crisis is the Real Crisis




Why study the Future?

We study the future because assumptions about the future have effects in the present. Or to put it another way: our assumptions about the future inform our decisions and actions today. Just as the past no longer exists but has effects in the present so the future, which is in no way tangible, works in the present through our own beliefs, values and expectations. Futures work is an attempt to become contextually aware of the world around us and of our relationship with the 'reality' out there.

See my Six Futures Premises

See: Concepts and Effects

See my Spiritual Pragmatics


Marcus Bussey Discussing Futures Thinking




What is Futures Thinking?




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