Where thinking is doing, imagining is becoming


future: that potentiality which makes us aware of the creative possibilities of the present

s: a knot; the link between individual and society

evocative: calling forth; perhaps the siren’s song or the hope we dare not speak


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Why study the Future?

We study the future because assumptions about the future have effects in the present. Or to put it another way: our assumptions about the future inform our decisions and actions today. Just as the past no longer exists but has effects in the present so the future, which is in no way tangible, works in the present through our own beliefs, values and expectations. Futures work is an attempt to become contextually aware of the world around us and of our relationship with the 'reality' out there.

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Thinking of studying Futures?

I lead the Futures Studies Graduate Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast

The following clip gives an insight into what we are up to. All courses are on line so you can study Futures Studies from anywhere in the world!

Studying Futures at USC

Marcus with many of his friends from around the world has a chapter in a exciting book being released at Rio +20 (http://www.uncsd2012.org/).

For more on this important book please visit:

Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change




New Book!

My first book of poetry available from Amazon and also via iTunes and Kindle

For information: Clare and Francis flyer






Marcus Bussey Discussing Futures Thinking




What is Futures Thinking?




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